About Me

Hosea reflecting life at the Phuket sunset.

Let me introduce myself.
Hosea is the name.
Banana is my new nickname.

I am save by God grace
and China is now my dwelling place.

Once a commerce student
who loves tangents.
Now an IT student
who has no patient.

Frame and fortune I’m not keen.
Ardent and ambition are my keys.

Born in October.
Born to be a servant of God.

Surf the internet thru telephone
but seldom talks over the phone.
On the Net, I have a cyber home
but seldom you can find me at home

Who wants me to be her hubby?
Writing is my new hobby.

Green is my delight
and Jesus is my light.

Computer is my equipment.
Email is my instrument.
Always striving for improvement
but never have time for appointment.

Pizza is my favourite food
and I’m not to be fooled.
27 May, I was baptised.
Hatred and vengeance, I never entice.

I like to play badminton
and always dreaming to be in a squadron.
When driving, I avoid U-turn
and always being complain I’m stubborn.

I love to eat chocolate
and green is my favourite.

Reading is my pleasure.
God’s love is my treasure.

My speech is my dignity
and live a life of integrity.
Sometimes likes to eat Kentucky
but never lives without a strategy.