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I am not the Bible Hosea.

Who Is the Prophet Hosea?

I have gone through many hardships in life. Like the Israelites, I too have lost my way and my faith. The story of Hosea is perhaps one that best describes my marriage. What comforts me is that the Book of Hosea ends not in hopelessness, but in forgiveness and love. Bible Hosea sought out Gomer and forgave her sins, just as God forgave His people. I never thought I could find myself whole again and especially not with the help of the Church. But there really is a God, and I feel His love as He gives me the opportunity to live life with faith and trust in His will. When I joined the Church, the pastor gave me the name “Hosea,” and I felt I have truly come home.

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从小 我都是和爷爷奶奶住在一起。他们都看着我一天一天的长大。爷爷最疼我了 可能是因为我是家族的第一个孙子。爷爷已经不在了 可是我还是很想他。小的时候,爷爷很疼我,常常带我去玩,买玩具给我。我除了有爸爸妈妈的爱,还有爷爷奶奶和姑姑的 因为从小我都是和他们一起住。

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As The Deer (Uncut)

这是我《如鹿切慕溪水》未剪切版。是我其中一个试音的时候录下来的。我觉得这个未剪切版 唱得还比我的MV版 好听多了。可能是录音方式不同吧。听起来也不一样。

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如鹿切慕溪水MV 有点cheap

看了几次,觉得 我的《如鹿切慕溪水》MV 有点cheap。还是听听原唱吧!

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如鹿切慕溪水 (香蕉MV)

我每次感到失落时 我都会唱这首歌。这首歌《如鹿切慕溪水》我唱了二十年。很忧郁的音乐 但是很动人心。曲调 让我乱乱的心静下来,解脱烦恼 重新思考。

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我的初恋情人,凤玲。这张照片是十三岁时 拍的。

几年前给她打了一次电话 约她出来参加同学们的聚会。她说她现在像obasan了,不敢出来见我们,说生了两个BB,说她胖了 没以前那么好看了。

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