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Parallels Desktop 5.0 Virtual Startup Screen

Macbook Air Laptop + Parallels Desktop 5.0 = Disappointment

Reading through all the bells and whistles of the new Parallels Desktop 5.0, I was so excited and downloaded the trial copy to install on my Macbook Air laptop. The installation window pop up was quick and the screen display was fast. Click, click, click and I was into the installation progress bar.

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OS X 10.6 Chinese Input

The Best Mobile Computing – MacBook Air Laptop Plus Snow Leopard 10.6

With all the hypes and marketing brainwashing, I finally I got a copy of OS X Snow Leopard, also known as version 10.6. The installation was standard like the previous version, but there was no Archive and Install option available, and it went straight to upgrade my existing OS.

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Macbook Air Laptop 365th Day

None of my Mac stayed with me for more than a year except my PowerBook 12” and now my beloved Air. I just bought the Apple Care Protection Plan (ACPP) for my Air because it was going to be my lover, my entertainer, my postmaster and my best buddy for the coming years.

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Macbook Air 200th Day

Road warrior usually use the CD drive before travelling and after that the drive will not be used until the user is back to the base. … With combination of turning on and off wireless and use the lighted keyboard sparsely, I am sure you can prolong the battery life of Macbook Air as good as me.

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Macbook Air 的第一百天

今天是我拥有 Macbook Air 的第一百天。Air 现在是市场上最薄的笔记本。我好喜欢这个超薄笔记本电脑因为很方便随身能用。站着用,躺着用,传来传去用,在移动的时候都能轻轻松松的用,等等

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My MacBook Air

With Air, I was motivated to travel often now than previously carrying my Pro. Air was so light that I did not really feel like travelling with a computer.

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MacBook Air vs Sony Vaio TX

The Air and MBP are about the same price point but Air sacifices performance for ultraportability. … I read a lot of reviews and benchmark reports and Macbook Air is a better than above average machine in the ultraportable market.

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