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十二年过去了,我还是不能原谅自己 没对她说声对不起。可每当我吃蛋炒饭时 我还是会默默的哭。我会迅速的想我伤害了谁 又还没跟他说对不起。我会快快的很他合好。

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Ten Dollars Blowjob, Thirty Dollars Sex

After some dialogues with her, she popped the question, “I give you blowjob for ten dollars.” I was freaked out and rejected her on the spot. I doubled my pace and suddenly she was nowhere to be found.

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古惑仔 之 天地人间

When I realised she disappeared from my present, I quickly hunted for them but I did not managed to find her but found one of the guys. … I asked the guy where she was again and he took me on a merry-go-round and I finally got pissed off and told him I gonna call 110 if he still fooled around with me.

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Cancer Of The Kiss

Her soft silky hair lightly brushed over my skin, signalling me she wanted to be loved, to be cared just like a sparrow had found a nest to rest. … After giving her a firm rub on her belly, I finger-walked from her belly button to her breast and cup it fully in my palm.

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My Fried Rice Story

Twelve years already and till these days I cannot forgive myself for not saying sorry to her. Every time I eat fried rice I will cry. I will quickly think whom I have hurt today and forget to say sorry. I will quickly patch up with them.

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