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2008 最佳笑话

但是我不觉得我的笑话好笑。因为别人拿我来说笑,说的更好笑。大家都喝多了。有个女孩抱着我,指着电视里的王力宏,再对我说 “你比他好看。”

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Road Signs And Meanings In Full Size

Road Signs

Interesting road signs and meanings. Got it from one of my junk mails.

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Hare & Tortoise Challenged Again

We knew the story of the race between the hare and the tortoise. There were many versions of it. The focus of the story was the tortoise won the race because the hare was proud. Part two. The tortoise and the hare challenged again. So who won the race this time?

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To Love Or To Be Loved

One woman asked the other, would you choose ‘the man you love’ or ‘the man that love you.’ The other woman responded, “What do you think I will choose?”

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Save Electricity

Two young couple were quarreling in their house and the quarrel was so bad that the guy opened the door and left. … After a while the guy came back, opened the door and stand between the doorway and compassionately looking at the wife.

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