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Fulfilling Your Vision Mission Statement

Do you really believe in the vision you conceive? Your mission statement you created, do you do it for the sake of doing it because you read it somewhere you need a mission statement to complete your vision? You have to feel the vision. If you can feel it in your blood then that is a vision that you are truly motivated to do it.

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Creating a Vision and Making it a Reality

What are the steps to creating a vision? What is your most important dream? When you are determining your dream, make sure that it is something that you are passionate about so that it can be attainable.

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How to Write Mission Statement That Will Inspire You and Others

Mission statements are usually just for organizations and establishments like schools and companies. However, if you want to have your own mission statement in life, you can do it too. A statement is like your motto in life that will lead you to greater heights. If you are ready, here are some tips on how to write a good one.

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Feed The Children

I was involved in the World Internet Mega Summit and I came across this speaker call Stephen Pierce. He demonstrated live to the audiences on internet marketing and within three days, which was the second last day of the event, he raised more than one hundred thousand and donated the money to feed the children in Africa.

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Who Is James Skinner?

I got to know this guy called James Skinner last year NAC. This year he spoke again. I heard him spoke twice and I was amazed at his speech. This guy offered no product for you to buy but he got a big heart message for all of us. If you ever had a chance to hear him speak, go for it. His message would touch your heart and gave you a paradigm boost in your thinking. His message really changed my inner thoughts and gave me lot of new unusual ideas and made me thinking distinctly.

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