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My HBH-DS980 Bluetooth Headset

The sound quality was excellent because it support A2DP and work well on all my SonyEricsson phones. Interestingly the package said, it would not support chinese characters on the OLED but I managed to see chinese words on the display when I had incoming call.

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My Apple TV

The Apple support site said if I was using a proxy server, I would not be able to stream video to my AppleTV. … In that way I could free up more storage space on my macbookpro I was happy with the screensaver, I could select and displayed photos from my iPhoto on my TV Since I bought this device, I might as well made full use of it then whining over it shortfalls.

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My Sony Ericsson S500c

My SE K800i suddenly cannot powered up after I changed the battery. I was disappointed and desperate for a mobile phone and I bought my Sony Ericsson S500c. As I explored the phone, I realised this was a lady-killer phone. Using this phone made me popular among the ladies.

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Baby Taylor

Last month, I was shopping and I went to a music shop and decided to buy a guitar. So I bought a Taylor guitar, a Baby Taylor guitar made of Mahogany. It took me quite long to choose between Sapele and Mahogany. I found Mahogany sounded quite funny but after strumming for quite sometime I found the sound unique and decided to own one.

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Addicted To Mario Kart

Ever since I get the Mario Kart game, I have been playing every day and night and addicted to it. … The game will make me want more of it and satisfy my ego.

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My New Toy: Nintendo DS Lite

What do Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong have in common? They are all games available on Nintendo. Yup! I just get myself a Nintendo Lite DS and I am happily entertained by it. I feel like a kid again, playing Super Mario.

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My Christmas Wish List 2006 (1.0)

 • Apple iMac 17” • Apple iPod Nano • Apple Macbook Pro • Nike Plus with the Nike shoes • Nintendo Wii • Sony Ericsson K800i • Sony Ericsson M600i • Sony Playstation Portable • A Small Comfy Yacht

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