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走之前想见的 一个人

离开珠海市之前 我有两件想做的事。第二件事是 希望看到阿宾。好久没看见她了。以前我们一起天天在这条街玩。

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My Friend, Desmond

Find a friend – This was my friend Desmond. During my depression days, he took good care of me. It was in China when we first met and over the years we became good friends because of common interests. He was a big eater. One person could have a meal of three persons. Looked at the Lobster Laska. That was his desert after the main course Mandarin Chicken Rice.

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My Friend, Davin

My friend Davin. The guy on the right with the tongue sticking out and without the cap. He was my primary school classmate. We used to take school bus to school everyday and during our journey, we would play chess. We liked to play animal chess, english chess and chinese chese. And this was how we got through our boring time in the bus. He was my best companion during my primary school days. We kept each other entertained during boring time in school.

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Hang Ten Yuhui's Comic

Hang Ten!

This is my friend Yuhui, one of the smartest guys I know. Seriously, I have problem blogging him here because he is too smart for me to describe him.

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My Friend, Bob

He flashed back, there were so many people wanted to meet up with him but he chose to spend time with me after working hours than meeting his associates. … Our favourite pastime was to go Lat Pat Sat for a satay fest with lot of beers and the hotel VIP lounge for a beer session and drink till our hearts content with our computer notebook on our laps and chat till the lounge close.

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