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How to Save Your Marriage

How to Save Your Marriage – The Hosea and Gomer Way

Marriage is perhaps one of the hardest things that men and women have to deal with in this thing called life. What starts out as a phase of pure romantic bliss could turn into a world of unadulterated pain and suffering. Many people who decide to tie the knot have little idea of what they are really signing up for, which is why many married couples end up in divorce. If you’re having trouble with your marriage, know that you are not alone in this big old world. There are hundreds, even thousands, of couples out there who feel that all is lost when it comes to their marital relationship. But if you have faith in God, His will, and in yourself, then there’s nothing impossible. This article will show you how to save your marriage.

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Do we look like Hosea and Gomer?

What Couples Can Learn From Hosea and Gomer

Hosea and Gomer are characters that can be found in the Bible – in the Old Testament, to be exact. They are husband and wife; the man, a prophet, and the wife, a prostitute. In the Bible, you can see that God often asks his prophets to do difficult things in His name. Hosea’s case was no different. He was asked by God to marry a woman who would, later on during their marriage, become a prostitute. This was how God wanted to exemplify His relationship with Israel at the time.

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I am not the Bible Hosea.

Who Is the Prophet Hosea?

I have gone through many hardships in life. Like the Israelites, I too have lost my way and my faith. The story of Hosea is perhaps one that best describes my marriage. What comforts me is that the Book of Hosea ends not in hopelessness, but in forgiveness and love. Bible Hosea sought out Gomer and forgave her sins, just as God forgave His people. I never thought I could find myself whole again and especially not with the help of the Church. But there really is a God, and I feel His love as He gives me the opportunity to live life with faith and trust in His will. When I joined the Church, the pastor gave me the name “Hosea,” and I felt I have truly come home.

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Finding the Right Pair of Tight Jeans

Tight jeans look sexy and make a statement if worn properly. They look good on both skinny body types and the more voluptuous. Tight jeans that fit you well make a good addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them with a loose or flowing blouse and different kinds of footwear like platform shoes, wedges, or flats. As can be seen in many celebrities today, wearing a thong with tight jeans easily make up for a sexy, foxy look.

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The Status of the HIV Virus in 2009

Just like the other pressing world problems like terrorism, hunger, and the lack of clean water, the HIV virus is still currently one of the worst global concerns that all of the nations are trying to solve. The statistics on HIV in 2009 clearly shows that this virus is still on a rampage and that new and better methods of stopping it should be implemented. Or perhaps that long been waiting cure for the HIV virus, which has been baffling scientists for decades.

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Eat Vegetables and Lose So Much Fat

If there is one thing that people should be doing more each day, but they are actually doing less of it, is to eat more vegetables. There are so many benefits of adding vegetables to one’s diet and one of which is that you can lose so much fat by just doing it.

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Genital Warts and Its Stages

Knowing the various stages of the disease, especially the beginning stages, is important in getting the necessary treatments for the condition. Sometimes, people who have grown warts in the genital area do not know that they already need medication simply because they were not aware of the signs and that they already are infected. Genital warts at their earlier stage are treated faster and more easily.

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