My Friend, Bob

Find a friend - Bob at Patong Beach, Phuket

My Canadian friend, Bob, our friendship started five years ago from a supplier-client relationship. He travelled around the world for business and visited Singapore at least twice a year. Bob said to me, “Hosea, I don’t know why every time I come to Singapore you are the only want I want to meet.” He flashed back, there were so many people wanted to meet up with him but he chose to spend time with me after working hours than meeting his associates. Then spontaneously he added, “I think I know why because when you meet me you don’t talk business. You don’t go through the BS and solicit for business opportunities.”

How many of us still make friends like that? It was a great comfort Bob said that to me.

Our favourite pastime was to go Lat Pat Sat for a satay fest with lot of beers and the hotel VIP lounge for a beer session and drink till our hearts content with our computer notebook on our laps and chat till the lounge close.

Bob, I miss you.

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