My Friend, Davin

Find A Friend, Davin (Primary school classmate)

My friend Davin. The guy on the right with the tongue sticking out and without the cap. He was my primary school classmate. We used to take school bus to school everyday and during our journey, we would play chess. We liked to play animal chess, english chess and chinese chese. And this was how we got through our boring time in the bus. He was my best companion during my primary school days. We kept each other entertained during boring time in school.

This friend of mine did not speak at all until he was in secondary school. If he spoke, it would be very very soft and you could hardly heard him. Not even when teachers asked him questions. After PSLE, three years later, we met again and this time he spoke to me. This was the first time I heard him calling my name. I was overjoyed because I was expecting he would show me his sign language to communicate with him.

We met a few times during the period and kept in contact through email. After “O” Level, we were separated again. I wondered how was he now.


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