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Legal Information:
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Confidential Information:
Information contained on this website may be confidential (“Confidential Information”). Unless I have given prior written authorisation, do not forward, copy, or otherwise replicate or disseminate verbally, electronically, or in hardcopy any Confidential Information, except to those individuals within your organisation who have legitimate business need to know, and who have agreed in writing, to keep it confidential.

Privacy Policy:
This website does not collect personal information without your opt-in consent. I do not share personal information to anyone and to any organisation outside of without your consent. I will share personal information with enforcement agencies, to protect the public and against harm to the property of, as required or permitted by the laws of the republic of Singapore.

Website Transfer:
If and it assets are acquired, user information maybe be one of the assets that is transferred or acquired by a third party.  Affected users will be notify of the transfer to a different privacy policy.

As Featured On
Articles with ‘As Featured On’ logo are written by me and allow you to publish/reprint the article in your ezine, website, blog, forum, RSS feed or print publication if you agree to the Terms Of Service For Publishers as describe in website. One of the terms is to include the article source credit, below each article reprinted with the active link to this website.

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