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Champion in Chinese SEO

The Fruits of Persistence – Top Ranking in Chinese SEO

We finally saw the fruits of our labour. My Chinese SEO websites were now in the top three pages among search engines. All internet marketers knew that the basic of online marketing was to capture niche markets based on keywords. I had been thinking if it was worth the effort to capture a broader audience than a niche. After a long contemplation and proper planning, I made the most important decision for this year.

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Will Bing Make It in China?

Microsoft has recently planned to capture the online Chinese market by creating the Bing Chinese search engine, which they plan to be their next biggest strategy. China is a huge market, having the largest online and mobile markets in the world. The scale is quite massive, obviously because of its huge population. There are over 350 million internet users and 700 million cell phone users in China alone.

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Book Cover - The Best of Twitter Marketing

Free eBook: The Best of Twitter Marketing

In my quest searching for marketing strategies using Twitter, I found many successful tested methods, I can use on my own websites. This book is the result of my research, sharing my ten favourite Twitter marketing strategies.

This book is written for busy internet marketer that want instant answers that are already proven methods out in the wild wild web. Here, I present this book to you. Enjoy!

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Check out Ewen Chia's Fast Track Cash Website

Real Internet Income Secrets – Fast Track Cash Membership Site Leaked!

Ewen Chia’s Fast Track Cash membership site got leaked on a webmaster forum. This membership site contained a lot of real internet income secrets from the author himself, Ewen Chia.

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Domain Name Renewal Scam From China?

Was this an internet domain name renewal scam? I shared my expertise and you examined it yourself.
I just received this email titled ‘Internet Trademark Protect’ claiming that one of my domain names was going to be trademarked by a company call DERUI Investment and I was asked if i objected to the third party application claim. I started to get worried and troubled if my domain name would be revoked.

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