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Google Freedom of Speech – In The Mercy Of The Chinese Law

In the article from Computer Weekly, China Threatens Google Following Hong Kong Redirect, Computer Weekly uses the word ‘threaten’. I think it is a propaganda and have no regard for other country laws. As the Chinese saying, every home has it own rules, every nation has it own laws (家有家规,国有国法). When a law of a nation is not in favour to a corporate strategy, it does not threaten you. If the law do not suit your corporate mission, you can look for other greener pastures. No one force you to stay in China. Do not be a moron, saying China threaten you.

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Google – Empty Vessel Makes the Most Noise

Why Google always complaining about the chinese censorship and not Microsoft and Yahoo. We do not hear so much nonsenses from other search companies but Google. And once a while from Matt Mullenweg too! Why?

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Why Google Fails in China and Humping Over Chinese Censorship Over Now and Then

All of us have our crafted reasons why Google fails in China and humping over Chinese censorship over now and then. Most of us will blame it on the Chinese government. For me, here are my reasons.

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Three Reasons Why Google Should Leave China

Google leaving China or not, is not an important issue to many people like us living inside the great firewall of China and for people searching for Chinese article contents because Google do not play any important role in our internet life. Here are the three reasons why Google should leave China and as early as possible.

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