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Getting Ready For WordPress Trends 2010

From new blog-from-email applications to new WordPress themes, there are a lot of surprises awaiting users of WordPress this 2010. Let’s view a couple of them.

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Real Internet Income: Get Real! (Day 3)

Income from internet was not something like lucky draw or quick-get-rich scheme that made you rich overnight. It took a lot of efforts when you started it off but the return of investment was eternal.

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Real Internet Income: How Real? (Day 2)

How real was it, making income on the internet? After my first day with Ewen, as he shared his secrets and guided the class, I could feel the money coming into my Paypal account soon.

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Real Internet Income: Is it Real? (Day 1)

The organiser was also my personal friend and I asked him, between Stephen Pierce and Ewen Chia, if you can only attend one event which one would you choose?

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