Quick Facts on China Internet Development 2009, eBook Published

eBook - Quick Facts on China Internet Development 2009Things you should know about the Chinese internet development in China for the year 2009. This book gives you a comprehensive head start is you are new to the Chinese domain. If you are a guru, reading this book will get up updated on the latest internet development in China.

Title: Quick Facts on China Internet Development 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4762-3059-7
Author: Hosea Lim
Available in all major online bookstores.

Table of Contents:

  • About This Book
  • The Growth of Internet Economy in China
  • SEO in China
  • Get Set China For the Affiliate Marketing Race
  • How to Tackle the Chinese Market
  • The Chinese SEO in the Internet SEO Formula
  • Why Baidu Is More Popular Than Google in China
  • Chinese Internet – Learn The Way To Leverage It To Earn
  • Advantages of Chinese Search Engines
  • SEO and SEM in China
  • Growth of the Mobile Internet in China
  • Conclusion
  • About The Author: Hosea Lim




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