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billingorchard - business invoicing software screenshotBillingorchard is one great business invoicing software that adds some accounting features to its operations. This is secured interface software for small businesses, the interface is quite simple because it is similar to the one found on websites. The accounting features found here are easily understandable, the software itself is capable of streamlining your invoicing jobs, and making sure you have maximum concentration on your work while you generate continuous streams of incomes.

Billingorchard has gone further by initiating payment for any processor that allows form posts, payments can also be accepted from companies or clients that make use of PayPal. The reason why most traditional invoicing systems are bulky is that you have to input a lot of data entry , however with the use of Billingorchard , you need to input much less data and your small business becomes highly enhanced to save time, money and energy.

With Billingorchard, you do not need to purchase, download or update any software, Billingorchard does not require a startup costs and within 5 minutes you are ready to start using its features. You can always access this business invoicing software anywhere you find a computer and internet connection, you clients can also access their bills and invoices anywhere in the world. You can view your clients’ account history through your billingorchard software. This software offers a 15 day free trial program that allows you limited access to some of its features even before you subscribe fully to it.

Credit card processing on billingorchard is PCI-compliant, the credit cards are also charged easily without the use of any terminal. Billingorchard is a complete invoicing application that manages invoices as well as recurring charges while keeping clients credit cards up-to-date.

Advantages of Billingorchard
Billingorchard works with major internet browsers such as Firefox Mozilla, internet explorer and safari, likewise it works with any credit card processor. There is no need to use any additional hardware and software except your internet connection and computer. With billing orchard, the entire operations are run and maintained by the company, thus you don’t need any maintenance or servicing input from your end. With Billingorchard, you can enable sales on your website. Invoices on billing orchard are easy to review because of the perfect recording and organization; even your clients can have easy access to their own billing history, charges and credit card information.

Billingorchard works perfectly well in tracking website sales, Past due notices are automatically sent to clients, and it creates and send automated billing for recurring fees and charges. There are client mailing lists created for a user here, the business invoicing software also comes with anti fraud built-in features that protects your transactions all the time. PayPal, API and custom payments have been integrated into billingorchard, importing and exporting of clients account and information are quite easy, and you will always get reports or feedback on constant basis.

Disadvantages of Billingorchard
Since your services will rely on your internet speed, your input may not be recognized quickly. This software does not offer full accounting features, thus you have to get more advanced software if you need such accounting features.

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