Chinese SEO – New Secret Weapon

Chinese SEO - The New Secret Weapon, cn.we3w.comSite owners doing Chinese SEO are always on alert to which keywords their site ranks to. They normally use site analytics to see from which search terms people came to their site and query search engines to see their rank for the keywords they really desire. But are these the only keywords referring to their site? Which keywords lead to competitors’ sites?

A new tool enables Chinese SEO site owners to answer these questions and hence optimize their site – Using is simple: just enter the site you would like to check and you immediately see a list of keywords that lead to the site and their rank in baidu. The results are sorted by the rank of the keyword in the search results and indicate when the term was last checked and updated.

Learning which keywords your site ranks to can help you in many ways:

  • See which terms your site ranks, yet don’t get visits from. This might lead you to change your page titles as they don’t attract clicks.
  • Help you think of similar terms you should rank to.
  • Help you find terms you should use in your SEM campaigns.
  • Easy and impartial way to show your advertisers to which keywords your site ranks to.

Learning which keywords are ranked and refer users to sites similar to yours can help you:

  • See to which keywords they rank compared to your site.
  • Find those niche terms you should also target.
  • Help you find terms you should use in your SEM campaign.
  • See to how many terms they rank compared to your site.

The site also shows popularity rank based on the number of keywords a website ranks to. Tracking more than 700K terms and keywords (growing every minute!), this rank practically shows how often your site is seen in search results.  You can even add a badge to show your visitors how well you are doing in search results.

If you deal with Chinese SEO or SEM is going to be an important part of your toolbox.

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