Avoiding Your Websites Block By The Chinese Internet Censorship

Avoiding Your Websites Block By The Chinese Internet CensorshipThere are many debates and discontentment between governments, businesses and even among friends, questioning why the Chinese government does not allow people residing in China have access to certain popular foreign websites. Some business sources claim the Chinese are doing it to eliminate foreign competitors in it own cyberspace. From political perspective, Chinese government sees it as an effective measure to control political uprising and social unrest from extremists that use internet as a media to spread disturbance to the public. There are rumors too, that the Chinese internet censorship uses the Great Firewall of China to counter intelligence of foreign hackers from sniffing in the Chinese internet world.

Whatever reasons and speculations available out there, we still can create a lot of good websites and great contents outside of China and let the Chinese people accessing it and enjoy from within China. Here are some of the tips:

No porn theme. If you are promoting sex, avoid your website look like a porn site. Avoid keywords that are already block by the Great Firewall of China. If you really have to use a block keywords, use a full stop in the keyword like this: She is a w.hore. Alternatively you can spell the keyword in a jumbled manner like this: She is a whroe.

No badmouthing of Chinese leadership. Anything you say to dethrone the Chinese government, you risk your website going into their blacklist. Make sure when you post a video or a picture, it does not discredit the Central Government of China.

Do not use prohibited keywords. Use Baidu to search for the long tail keyword. If it does not appear in the Baidu search result, most likely the keyword is block and your contents will not appear to the Chinese population.

No overboard evangelism. You can share your religious faith and fervent hobbies but do not use it to recruit an army to go against the government and disturb public peace, such as riot and strike.

No Multi Level Marketing (MLM) contents. MLM in china is illegal. Website that recruit downline and promote such nature of business will be banned and hardly survived the Chinese internet censorship.

Police your site regularly. To do well and survive in the Chinese internet you have to audit your website regularly and remove anti-government comments and porn links left by visitors.

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