SEO for Chinese Internet Censorship

As Featured On EzineArticles.comFreedom is what every person want in this world, but sometimes freedom are being abused by people wants to become free to do anything that they want. When you talk about China SEO, you will be surprise to know that not all website are accessible for people. If you will take a vacation in China or you are going to migrate there, you have to know that there is a Chinese internet censorship going around.

This started in 2003, but since the year 2008 upon the arrival of Olympic Games this censorship was strongly implemented. This s called Golden Shield and it is a surveillance program conducted by the ministry of Public Service of China. The government of China is using a firewall to censure and blocked websites since the year 2003. Many of people around the world especially Westerners are not aware and do not understand this censorship. This article is not against this censorship, this article will help other people to understand this censorship to Chinese online businesses.

If you are going to do business in China and you want your website to gain access Chinese online community you need to a friendly Chinese SEO. This is the reason why you need to locate for reputable Chinese marketing company that understand the rules and regulations within the censorship to make sure that your website will pass the keen eyes of Chinese regulators who regulates and screen all websites that they will allow to enter their Chinese online community.

People around the world have the right to choose which website they want to access and surf, but the Chinese community do not have this kind of privilege, but they are thankful about this. There are websites that expresses negative views and opinions about the country and people in China do not need this kind of information in their mind, the government want their people to concentrate on how they can improve their quality of life. They do not want the minds of their people to be polluted with lots of negative thoughts.

Chinese internet is very different from other country that is why SEO is very much needed to make sure that people will find your website within search engines. Websites that post negative thought about the government and views opposing the Chinese government are banned, but not all of them are being banned. They will face some criminal charges and will suffer from lengthy prison sentences, you need to be extra careful when building a website, especially if you are targeting customer within the Chinese Community. You need to find SEO Company that understands this law.

Today, there is self censorship that many Chinese practiced within themselves. These only shows that these people have strong self-discipline that people around the world should posses. They learn to censor themselves and avoid websites that they think is not lawful for them to see. This is also helpful to prevent younger generation in exposing themselves to pornography that is very prevalent all over the internet.


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