Chinese SEO – A Business That Requires You Time To Build

When doing Chinese SEO, businesses would usually find that it is not as simple as it was in other countries. Yes, there are things that people should pay attention when they are doing SEO work in China.

First of all, businesses have to understand that a lot of people are worried about viruses or adware in China. It is because a lot of websites are found to have this kind of harmful things for computers. Therefore, search engines would try to rank the safety of browsing the website as a kind of factor affecting the overall ranking of websites.

As a result, businesses should not try to include a lot of images or videos in their own websites. In other parts of the world, using images and videos may make the websites more attractive and this may help the SEO process. It also applies in China, but not to a great extent indeed. In order to earn a high ranking in the search engine results pages in China, the most important thing is that the keywords used are simple and politically right. There should not be messages comparing the political or some other aspects of China and foreign countries. Otherwise, there would be some ‘internet police’ surfing the internet all the time and they would try to report to the authority and your website may not be disclosed in the search engine results page.

When businesses are doing Chinese SEO work, they can also understand that the average income of citizens in China is not high. Therefore, it is not very clever for them to target high-ended customers using some keywords like ‘luxurious’. Most of the people in China would like to have simple and practical products. No doubt, there are some who would like to spend a lot of money to buy the luxurious things, but they may not like to purchase online indeed.

To conclude, working in the SEO work in China is not something as easy as it is in other countries. There are a lot of restrictions that businesses have to follow when promoting the websites in China. When the government policies change, businesses would have to change some of the contents in the website in order to fit the requirement of the government. Therefore, businesses would have to update the website all the time and they are always advised to predict the future government policies and make a back-up plan. When the changes realise, businesses can put the back-up content to the website quickly and then immediately target the customers better. In this way, businesses can build a long term profitable relationship with customers instead of skimming the profits in short run.

In the foreseeable future, it is expected that Chinese SEO would become more and more influential in the design of marketing campaigns for eCommerce businesses in China. There would surely be plenty of people who have the experience in doing this kind of SEO work and they are surely the leader in the Chinese market in the future.

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