Chinese Search Engine – What Are The Characteristics And How You Can Do It?

As Featured On EzineArticles.comIn many parts of the world, there are a lot of common search engines which are famous. For example, Google and Yahoo! would have a lot of branches in the world and they would use a lot of various techniques to integrate the unique company culture into the culture of the target countries.

But in the market of China, things are different. You can find that the foreign search engines actually find it quite difficult to suit themselves into the culture of China and there are a lot of rules that they have to follow. They would regard these rules are strange. As you can see, Google encountered huge difficulty in integrating into Chinese market and they even thought of quitting this market. Therefore, you can find that there are a lot of obstacles for foreign search engines to enter Chinese market.

A lot of people say that this is a strategy for China to protect the local Chinese search engine. Anyway, the fact is that over 80% of users in China would try to do a search in local Chinese search engine instead of some internationally famous engines. Therefore, you should try to understand the SEO formula being used by those search engines if you are really interested in targeting Chinese market.

One of the things that you would find in Chinese internet world is that a lot of people would like to use short keywords to do the search. They would try to create their own terms and they would try to use these terms to communicate. Therefore, if a business can get update information to use these terms to promote the businesses, they would have a credit because they can show that they understand Chinese culture and they are up to date.

These keywords are usually unique because they are innovated by the users of the internet. Therefore, there would not be a lot of websites using these keywords to promote the sales. If a business uses this form of keyword, the ranking would be high when internet users try to search with this piece of unique keyword. This is definitely something great for business because this can create an opportunity for them to position high in the local search engine.

No doubt, this requires persistent work. Businesses have to prepare for working for a long term customer relationship with the clients instead of operating with short-term profit orientation. This is something that businesses should prepare before they enter Chinese market. It is because Chinese people would have a kind of belief to have long term relationship with businesses. In order words, they are loyal to business but they would also remember the bad businesses for a long period of time. Therefore, you have to make sure that your business is well-designed. If you want to use SEO, you should learn how to use unique and interesting local keywords to target those local people, who are mainly students or young adults in the current context in China.

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