Chinese Internet Censorship – You Need To Beware Of When Doing SEO

As Featured On EzineArticles.comIn recent years, a lot of people would like to take a look at the China market. They believe that Chinese market is a place for them to build a profitable business. Therefore, a lot of people are trying their best to build a profitable and long term customer relationship with people in China. They would use the internet to explore the market. However, you may have heard that Chinese internet world is a bit unique compared with other internet worlds in the world. Therefore, you should understand more about the market in China so that you can prepare well.

There is internet censorship adopted in China nowadays. The Chinese internet censorship is usually regarded as a great obstacle to businesses from other parts of the world. However, China has actually made great progress towards the modernization and the globalization process in the world and you can see that the market is opening up nowadays.

Recently, Chinese internet censorship is being opened up and there are radical measures used to make the reform. Chinese government knows that it is the time for China to stand in the international market. Therefore, plenty of steps are taken to make Chinese internet censorship be less serious.

With the increasing number of people using the internet, business overseas can spread business messages in China more efficiently. People on average spend 18 hours online every week. If you want to build a profitable and long term customer relationship in China, you should try to use less political sensitive words. This is something which can touch the lines of the Chinese internet censorship.

When you are promoting your business website in China, you should try to say something about the product rather than the cultural value. A lot of products failed to pass the Chinese internet censorship barrier because they spread a hidden message showing that their own country is better than China. This is something sensitive in China and this may lead to censorship. Therefore, you should try to reduce the content in this aspect. Otherwise, you might have used some wrong SEO techniques to target the customers and you may be resented by all the customers in China.

In the past, censorship on the internet was serious. Now, most of the industries would have a less serious censorship. You can find that the financial industry would not have serious censorship nowadays. And in the industrial industry, the censorship is reduced as well.

To conclude, Chinese internet censorship was something troublesome in the past for overseas businesses to enter China market. But in recent years the situation has been improved. If you want to build a long term relationship with customers in China, you should try to find a partner in China who would have a clear understanding about the culture of China. With the help of these partners, you can easily understand more about the Chinese culture. Then, you would know how to use the right keywords to target the customers by using SEO.

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