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As Featured On EzineArticles.comThe hardest thing to organize within the business is invoices and billings, but with the help of web invoicing, these tough jobs are already made easy, fast and accessible. Billing Boss is one of the leading online invoicing providers in the world. BillingBoss is a product that was made by a reliable company, which is Sage. Sage is the leading manufacturer and supplier if software program on the web with 5.5million customers worldwide. They can provide small business invoicing as well as invoicing for large scale companies. They will make it very easy for you to manage and organize all your business process especially when it comes to creating and organizing invoices and billings.

BillingBoss was started by a small group driven team within Sage. This group loves internet and they believe that with the use of internet small business can grow and succeed. Sage is already in the business for more than 30 years and has delivered high quality and east to use customizable software for different business functions such as human resources, accounting, time tracking, customer relationship management, merchant services, construction business, healthcare facilities, distribution, non-profit organizations, and manufacturing in the real estate industry.

BillingBoss is also a business in nature, so they understand the importance of getting paid to the survival and success of any business. No one would want to work and do services without being paid for. This is for small business invoicing because this company s offering free web online invoicing that will allow you to do special functions like rating professional looking invoices, sending invoices, and tracking payments. You create invoices that can be paid through online credit cards or email cheques. BillingBoss is not only free for three month or after sending three clients with tree invoices, this is really for free. They are offering unlimited services to all small scale business who wants to become successful and organize their business without any worries.

Aside from being free, you can also get a lot special features and added services like recurring of invoices and quotes. You may also upload your company’s logo and organize all your customers using a centralize list. You can invite your bookkeeper or accountant to access Billing Boss anytime they need to do their job. All of these features are totally for free. There is an extra catch up; if you have a merchant account through Sage payments you will be entitled to acquire payments online without any charges. You may also receive payment through PayPal for free.

You will surely enjoy additional tools like mobile version of BillingBoss. This is a convenient way to access your account whenever you are. It is available for Blackberry, Iphone and Android phones. If you want to be the first one to know all the latest features that BillingBoss offer, you can connect with BillingBoss on your Facebook or LinkedIn. All of these additional tools are accessible and available for free just by signing up to BillingBoss small business invoicing.

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