Cannybill for All Kinds of Business Invoicing Needs

As Featured On EzineArticles.comIf you are looking for the best company that can help you organize and handle billing and business invoicing without any headaches, all you need to do is to be part of the increasing number of business who are signing up for Cannybill invoicing. The company is a British company that develops software and do web designing that are specialized in creating and designing productive and functional websites. Cannybill is just one of the software that they have created that can help millions of businesses all over the word. If you find billing an invoicing a very difficult task and waste a lot of your time instead if using your time to outgrow your business, why not use Cannybill and experience convenience that you need to make your business more successful. Well organize payment method can increase client satisfaction with your business.

This online business invoicing was created by a popular web development company first for their own in-house use. This is to know if this online invoicing service is really effective in helping business to do their billing and invoicing a lot easier. You will find that there are lots of useful features that can help all kinds of web companies. They have dashboard that can give users a better overview of their services and products sold by the business. The reason why Cannybill has the ability to provide attractive pricing to all their clients is because they have negotiated for their hosting, domain name and SSL to make their pricing suitable and affordable for both starting and well established companies.

The company has developed a payment method that integrates with different payment gateways to permit business to extract payments from their customers easily and faster. When it comes to the security issue if their online invoicing service, you will notice that Cannybill has a comprehensive security page. Their services are hosted by Rackspace, so you can be rest assured that it is being monitored every day. There is no need for you to worry in times of technical problems because they provide backups and data recovery system. No matter what operating system you are using today, you can sign up for their free account and upgrade your account anytime you want after 30 days.

If you find their services satisfying you can upgrade your account and go for their introductory price of $7 per month for their starter. Aside from their starter version they also have professional and enterprise which also vary in prices. Their plan are billed monthly so the company will tie you in a long term contract so you can go away anytime you want once you are not satisfied with their business invoicing services.

Business invoicing can dictate the success and downfall if any business, because payments are very important aspect of every business and every business whether big or small have the right to get the payment they deserve for their hard work. Cannybill will help you exercise your right to get your payments on time.

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