Overcoming Duplicate Contents with Search Engines

As Featured On EzineArticles.comA duplicate search is described in the World Wide Web as cheating, and in worst cases, plagiarism. Both acts are penalized accordingly. Aside from that, search engines may permanently delete your post in their indices upon detection of a duplicate content. These things may be scary, but you can deal with them all the same. There are a lot of ways in which you can prevent or handle cases of duplicate searches, and they may be all quite complicated.

Since duplicate contents could possibly put your articles or your entire website in jeopardy, it is more advisable to avoid them. Also, you must understand that your site’s whole content is the one you should examine thoroughly, and not its codes. To prevent your content from having a duplicate search, read the following tips and tricks.

If possible, make your content very much yours.
Express your products and describe your website using your own words. Post everything according to your opinion. While you may find yourself having the same ideas as other webmasters, remember that there are still a thousand ways to express something. Try using creative and playful words all throughout your post. This way, you are sure that you have a personal touch on it and no one could possibly have the same and exact views as you do.

Be consistent and careful in your links.
Link your website and posts to other distinct URL’s. Try to manage your internal linking carefully.

While there are some effective ways of avoiding duplicate contents, there are still some cases in which your article may turn out to be a duplicate of some other websites. To solve these hassles, follow these tips to help you fix that duplicate content problem.

To know beforehand if your content has a duplicate, search the web for content checkers and post your articles or URL on their sites. Also, do not forget to indicate the URL you are going to use for your site and be consistent with it.

If you are posting duplicate contents on different URL’s, use a 301 permanent redirect system to specify the certain URL you will use for your posts. Redirect your duplicate URL’s to your preferred one. This makes search engines locate ONLY your preferred URL in their results.

If your content is included in an indexing search engine, wherein different URL’s all with the similar content are detected, you may use canonicalization to fix the problem. Canonicalization is done by using a rel=”canonical” link element in your site. Implement this link to indicate your preferred URL.

Another way to resolve your duplicate content problems is by using URL parameter removal tool. Supported by most search engines today, this parameter handling tool easily notifies you if your post is a possible duplicate content.

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