The Fruits of Persistence – Top Ranking in Chinese SEO

Champion in Chinese SEO
The Fruits of Persistence
We finally saw the fruits of our labour. My Chinese SEO websites were now in the top three pages among search engines. All internet marketers knew that the basic of online marketing was to capture niche markets based on keywords. I had been thinking if it was worth the effort to capture a broader audience than a niche. After a long contemplation and proper planning, I made the most important decision for this year.

Six months earlier, my team took a leap of faith and committed to compete in the most competitive keywords. We were exhausting our time and resources, working round the clock to squeeze our optimized sites into the most congested search engine results.

During these six months, there were times I wanted to give up. I also questioned myself if it worth my time going after very competitive keywords. Every time I wanted to quit, I incidentally saw my webpages ranked first on the first page. The results were comforting and assuring me, I was on the right track. This kept me going on and staying focus in my tasks.

Six months later which is today, I feel proud and good, seeing my websites listed among the branded. Now looking back at all the hard works, I am glad I do not quit and all the efforts are well exhausted. If you are optimizing you websites, stay focus and be persistent and you will get your desired results in due time.

Into the Game
Twenty months ago, I was planning to enter the Chinese SEO market. The Chinese domain was very different from the rest of the world. In order to do grab a share, I started a handful of lab tested websites to test waters and tweaking them to fit the Chinese users. Some websites make it and some fail. Today I am commercializing my successfully tested websites, getting them out of the lab and turn them into money making machines.

Since I started doing Chinese SEO, I have been very tense and uptight with my schedule, sleeping every sixty hours so that I have more time optimizing my sites. Now my sites are consistently rank among the top search results, I can now take thing at a slower pace.

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