Tips for Getting the Best out of Your Baidu Keyword Research Tool

As Featured On EzineArticles.comSEO campaign has been the primary concern of most search engines and advertisers today. Several companies came up with their own techniques of securing that most coveted top spot in search engine results. With this, Baidu, the premiere search engine company in China, produced their own SEO promotion, the Baidu Keyword Research Tool. Baidu Keyword tool is considered the most reliable keyword tool in the country, since it contains a vast number of search volumes.

Baidu Keyword Research Tool is among the search engine marketing strategies offered by the Baidu Chinese. A means to achieve optimum ranks in the results of keyword searches, Baidu Keyword Tool provides advertisers with a simple, yet effective way of placing their websites on the search engine. With the use of some strategic keywords and PPC (Pay Per Click) services, advertisers are sure to get top spots in search engine results.

Baidu Keyword tool, as mentioned, is a very simple way of promoting your website. However, following these useful tips in using it is an added advantage for you. Here are some tips to make sure that you get the most excellent results from your keyword tool. Baidu Keyword Tool and Baidu PPC Phoenix Nest are on the same platform. That means, they go hand in hand in providing services to clients. To access your keyword tool, you must first subscribe to Baidu’s PPC Phoenix Nest, where you can create your own account for your website. Baidu Keyword Research Tool is located on the topmost area of your PPC account.

The keyword suggestion tool helps you create different keywords from a single word you entered. This makes your website more advantageous, since you are encouraged to generate several other words directly connected to your core keyword. Just use the suggestion tool indicated in your PPC account. Another task a Baidu Keyword tool can perform is the generation of keywords from a certain URL you entered.

In making your core keyword, you must consider some things that could make your keywords more relevant. Include different forms of a certain word, for example, you can use both the singular and plural forms of nouns. Also, different verb tenses will help a lot in making your keyword more interesting and search engine friendly. Other essential keywords to include are the synonyms of various words, locations and places and your trademark or brand name.

After generating your core keyword, try adding some of these relevant words as your keyword matches. They will act as additional support for your targeted keyword.

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