What is Bing? Better than Google?

As Featured On EzineArticles.comHave you heard of Microsoft’s and Yahoo’s latest deal? They have recently partnered to come up with a new indexing search engine in the hopes of toppling Google from its throne. This is a remarkable feat, for currently, Google does more than 60% of searches around the world. Can this be possible? Can a new indexing search engine like be possible better than Google?

There are many things Google cannot do, one of them being unable to carry out natural language searches. Plus, there are more. Here are a few reasons why Bing is a better indexing search engine than Google:

Instead of giving you links to the answer, Bing directly gives you the answer. Thus, it slices your research period by up to 50%. It is much more efficient and way faster to give you information.

One of the best features of Bing is its visual search. It puts lots of relevant images and videos on the search page. A search on Barrack Obama will not give you the latest news, comments or blogs. Instead, Bing will give you plenty of photographs plus his biography and works. Talk about relevance.

Bing will give you results from the Microsoft database rather than from the entire internet. Bing is market researched, giving you the most relevant information on searched people, things and places. You no longer have to search page per page for you to find the best and most relevant result.

Bing is better at organizing results. The search engine gives you categories and suggestions on the left hand side.

Bing does quite well in natural language searches, which Google struggles at.

Because of Google’s and Bing’s respective advantages and disadvantages, many applications have been created to combine Bing and Google searches simultaneously, shown in dual paned views. A few applications that can do this are CompareGoogle, Google-Bing and Bing vs. Google. These applications also help you compare the differences between the two search engines. You can really see that results given by Bing are much more helpful than Google’s.

Whether or not Bing will last in the industry or it will be a mere novelty item remains to be seen. For now, Microsoft and Yahoo! are quite optimistic about Bing’s future. They see Bing as the future’s best indexing search engine because they designed it to be more than just a search tool. It is a tool where users can ask any kind of queries you can think of. The future is bright as the Las Vegas lights for Bing.


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