Why Baidu Is More Popular Than Google in China

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SEO, search engine optimization, is surely dominating the Internet marketing industry. It is one of the most reliable forms of Internet marketing today and it is preferred by businesses from all around the globe in their attempt to gain leverage in their respective fields or niches, including those based in China.

Once called the “Sleeping Giant,”  in Central Asia is no longer in deep slumber as far as business opportunities are concerned. China as a nation is booming, generating billions of dollars a year in numerous industries, including tourism, entertainment, and information technology, which involves the use of Chinese search engine.

The Internet
The Internet is perhaps the greatest contribution of man to today’s modern world. With the World Wide Web, people have access to practically everything. They can be in touch with their families, friends, and business contacts. They can have information they need at the click of a mouse. With laptops being manufactured and sold in bulks, people can now enjoy powers beyond their comprehension anytime they want.

Coming Together
The Internet, also known as the World Wide Web, no doubt plays an increasingly significant role for businesses worldwide. This fact rings no truer than in China. In this country, the role of a company’s website has evolved amazingly from being a simple type of catalogue where products and services as well as the company’s basic information can be displayed, to an indispensable marketing tool – the best source for leads and new clients. Having a great degree of online visibility on a leading Chinese search engine has become the primary goal of companies; online visibility is a crucial aspect in a company’s success and profitability in China.

And that is why Baidu is more popular than Google in China. Baidu offers their Chinese clients from big and small companies alike to promote their businesses in a way that appeals to the Chinese. The SEO rules for the Internet market of China are different than that of another country, particularly the US. The core difference lies in content.

Baidu is sensitive to content, which suits the Chinese audience perfectly fine. Remember, although China has awakened, it is still pretty much a conservative nation. Thus, websites that contain sensitive information are instantly blacklisted or taken off the list.

Unlike the American audience, with which Google succeeds, the Chinese audience is more careful with their inquiries, taking extra care with spelling and syntax, even when using a Chinese search engine. It is not as surprising as some people think; the Chinese government has realized the importance of the English language and has encouraged their people to study it – and typing in search engines in practice. Baidu has taken these things into consideration, filtering out blogs and forums accordingly.

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