Increase Page Rank – 19 Surefire Ideas to Improve and Overcome Page Rank Myths

As Featured On EzineArticles.comIncrease Page Rank through Google’s search engine and enjoy better marketing position. The secret to Increase Page Rank is based on the number of back links. Back links refer to links that will lead to your website.

Other effective ways to increase page rank is by doing the following suggestions:

  1. Aside from back links, providing inside links to your website can also help increase your sites page rank. Try to provide additional links to your previous and next articles on your article page.
  2. Update your website regularly by adding new and unique features. This way more web traffic can be generated pushing your rank a notch higher.
  3. Creating sitemaps can also help improve your webpage’s rank. Create an XML site map for Google and text base sitemap for yahoo and then submit it to Google’s and Yahoo’s sitemap. Sign up for a Google account to see your webs weekly statistics.
  4. Trade links with other websites. Place your neighboring website’s link on your webpage and ask them to do the same on their page.
  5. Make sure you situate your primary keywords in your page title, header, and in its content.
    Try to keep your website layout design neat and simple.
  6. Write informational articles and submit it for your webpage. This will help make people perceive that you are an authority in your field.
  7. Consider hiring SEO professionals. This approach may sound a bit costly, but it is actually better rather than burning all your money on a webpage that generates no web traffic.
  8. Make sure you create unique and catchy Meta tag descriptions. Search engines displays these Meta tags in their search results so be sure to make your Meta description creative.
    Remember to always optimize your website.

Despite adequate information regarding effective ways how to improve your ranking, there are still ideas and suggestions that continue to circulate on the web deemed not really true but still remains practiced by some. Experts call this Page Rank Myths, and here are some of them.

Common Page Rank Myth Deemed Untrue:

  1. The higher your ranking is, the higher you’re webpage will be in search listing.
  2. Google Toolbar includes your webpage in their List of Page Rank.
  3. It is fully based on the number of back links and incoming links included in your website.
  4. Googling for incoming links using the term ‘link’ will display all your backward links.
  5. Listing your webpage in Open Director Projects will give you and your webpage additional page rank points.
  6. Google heavily considers Meta Tag descriptions to Rank websites.
  7. Google does not and will not indexed dynamic pages in ranking.
  8. Google will not penalize or list your site if you use Pop-ups.
  9. Artificial back links will result to penalty incursion from Google.
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