Why Are You Not Receiving An Error On DoubleClick Ads?

As Featured On EzineArticles.comDoubleClick is a huge company that develops and provides internet advertising services. Its clientele are wide and varied, including Microsoft, L’Oreal, Motorola, Carlsberg, General Motors, Nike and more. It was founded in 1996 and its headquarters are currently stationed in New York City, the United States. It was already huge enough to tickle the interests of Google. Google purchased and acquired DoubleClick by March of 2008. However, the company has made quite a few controversies. It has made an unfavourable reputation because it makes use of tracking cookies for its advertising purposes.

DoubleClick Ads are a common tracking cookie placed unto your computer by various web sites. Once your PC is infected by DoubleClick, the parent companies can retrieve confidential information for their personal advantage. Companies will start attacking you with emails and pop up ads based on the tracking information.

Up front, DoubleClick Ads look like a swell and respectable company. However, not all is what it seems. DoubleClick is linked with controversy because of its spyware qualities. Information from users and how they travel from web site to web site are recorded. They are able to record what commercial advertisements and web sites you select and view while browsing. Thus, DoubleClick is considered a malware and spyware by several organizations.

DoubleClick Ads have also been criticized for misleading internet users by offering an opt-out option, which is highly ineffective.

So your PC is already infected with the spyware. How do you get rid of it? Here are easy steps on how to do so:

Download or purchase a spyware detection and removal software and install it on your computer. The best and most popular software that can do the job are Spybot Search & Destroy and Adaware. They are for free.

Open the software and perform a scan on the software. Results will show that you have DoubleClick cookies and other types of spyware as well. The program will then give you the option to fix the problems detected.

Select the option to start removal process. Once the process is complete, reboot the PC and rescan. Check if the DoubleClick cookies no longer show up in the results.

If it fails to remove the cookies, run another removal process or try another spyware.

Don’t forget to run the program and scan on a regular basis. You may not know it, but DoubleClick cookies will be downloaded without your knowledge by many web sites. Spyware scans will remove them as quickly as possible.

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