Baidu English Part 1 – How does Baidu Work?

As Featured On EzineArticles.comIf the world has Google as their primary web search engine, China got Baidu English. Just as the infamous Google rules over the war in search engines throughout the world, Baidu too dominates this category in its homeland China. This Chinese based site is currently China’s most popular search engine that leaves Google China second place.

Baidu uses an unusual page rank algorithm, different from Google and Yahoo. Many people assume that since Baidu has managed to out wit and out shine Google China in SEO supremacy, its algorithm should be closely related to Google China. This assumption, however, is purely false. The website’s search engine still relies on paid links mixed together with natural links. Furthermore, its adopted natural ranking algorithm and SEO rules are not really that complicated. Here is how Baidu English search engine works.

Meta Tags, Titles, and Descriptions
Similar to Google, Title still plays major in Baidu’s page ranking and for engine optimization. Unlike Google though, Baidu also considers Meta Tags and Meta keywords in ranking sites. So basically, the best way to improve webpage rank is by writing meaningful and attractive descriptions to a website.

Searching Related Information
Keywords and keyword density are also used in searching related information similar to other search engines. The amount of keywords that can be found in a website can greatly affect a webpage ranking. It is also recommended to keep the keyword density around 12-16% for better efficiency.

Language Content
Baidu uses Chinese language in its website, but it can also display its context and content in English depending on preference. The option to use English language is available and possible in Baidu. But since not all Chinese citizens are that keen to use Baidu English, Chinese language still remains dominant as language content.

Alt Tag
Another way to optimize a website in page ranking is through Alt Tags. Alt Tags are keywords that are associated with Alt text. Alt Tags are effective page rank gainer, however, it is not recommended to overly stuff things with keywords. Baidu may not penalize websites containing stuffed keywords, but it can still affect a webpage’s rank.

Webpage Links
Baidu, unlike Google, does not rely on webpage links. The site does not utilize a complex algorithm system in determining the relevance and quality of each links. Baidu relies more on quantity rather than link quality. Placing keywords in internal anchor text can also give positive feeds on the webpage ranking.

Mainland Servers
Another way to drastically improve website ranking in Baidu is by hosting sites in Mainland China. China prioritizes website based in China so they get high points and closer ranking easily.

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