Implications of the Chinese Government

As Featured On EzineArticles.comIt is a well known fact that the Chinese civilization is one of the greatest in the entire world. Today China occupies an important position with political governance over its core territory that has remained in power longer than any other nation. The people in China have immense talent and they are very industrious when given the opportunity and Chinese internet is the best platform. Until the time of the French revolution, the Chinese government was probably unparalleled among all communities.

The Chinese leadership is known to have a bureaucratic sophistication, wealth and as any gallery or library in the world can attest, it is the best in terms of arts crafts and literature. At the beginning of the twentieth century the Chinese authority emerged toppling the monarchy that had stood intermittently for ten times as long as the history of the United States of America. There are very few who know that many remarkable products that are taken for granted and form a part and parcel of our everyday life originated in China. There is gunpowder, printing and the compass just to name a few of the amazing products that were invented by the Chinese.

The Chinese government has paved the way for progress in astronomy, strategies of warfare and there are many theories of hard nosed statecraft that are visible in the Chinese regime. But according to observers the nineteenth and the twentieth century have been the poorest ones for the Chinese. As according to John Paton Davis who has written a memoir called the Dragon by the Tail is calling upon the Chinese government since the fall of the monarchy in 1911-1912 which has been a disappointment for everyone.

According to Davis the western businessmen, missionaries and educators who had tried to modernize and christianize have failed. The Japanese militarists that tried to conquer china have failed. The American government, which tried to democratize and unify China, has failed in their venture. Then the Soviet rulers who tried to insinuate control over the Chinese government have failed too. But, it is very regrettable to note that the Chinese government’s own political experiments have failed too.

After five decades of the Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin, the people’s republic of China stands as the most contradictory of the major nations from around the globe. The Chinese state hovers between a set of unsustainable authoritarian traditions cum myths like the Chinese internet censorship and an elusive modern political form to match its now transformed society and economy.

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