Advantages of Chinese Search Engines

As Featured On EzineArticles.comIf there would be no search engine for the web there would be chaos. If you wanted to find something on the internet you needed to know its exact address. Where would the online community be without the search technology? Today search engines have become the sole source of organized information available on the Chinese internet. Chinese users seeking information, products or services from the popular Chinese search company known as Baidu and expect to find exactly what they are looking for. There are many search engines that know this and make it a priority to optimize the search results with the best results for each query.

In the absence of Chinese search technology on the Chinese internet, visitors would be required to memorize and bookmark the URL’s of the websites they found through printed sources and other media. Search engines in china exist in order to bring all sorts of information to the users in China. The main goal of it is to collect pertinent information found on the website, organize it and make it easily accessible to millions of users in China. The search technology in China use a system of robots in order to scan entire web pages, including Meta tags and titles because of the enormous volume of websites in existence today.

The data collected from each web page is used to score, index and rank the websites. The Chinese search engine finds out about a new website through clicking on a link to it from another website or when it is submitted to them for approval into their database. The ranking system is performed with the aid of algorithms, a set of rules that is used by the search engine in order to evaluate a web site by determining its relevancy to a particular search. Each major search engine on the Chinese internet uses its own methods and rules to produce search results, although most of the principles are common. Baidu is practically the most popular Chinese search company available on the Chinese internet today.

Google is the world’s best search company but there is news that Google just renew its ICP license and with limited web presence in the Chinese domain. Most web site owners hire SEO companies in order to improve their listing on the Chinese search ranking, and Baidu is mostly targeted as it is widely used in China. There are many companies that are trying to empower the Chinese internet in order to achieve top listings, gain visibility and maintain top listings on the Chinese internet.

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