Social Issues and Consequences of the Chinese Internet Censorship

As Featured On EzineArticles.comThe giant internet is just over a decade old now, but its impact is great and powerful on the entire world. It has been considered as a positive force to spread and build up democracy. But due to the elements in the society who use this powerful force to bring differences, China condemns it and considers it to be a serious threat to its society. Today internet covers many aspects of the society and many perspectives show the view of how uninhibited internet would affect social life in China. The Chinese internet censorship bars communication modes of Internet which are of unique quality, like the one which helps getting in touch with fishy kind of characterized individuals, set of groups and organized communities.

The Chinese internet censorship put many aspects of the modern life in a new stark and poignant perspective. Among the various ramifications caused by the Chinese internet censorship, there are many that also illuminate some of the positive as well as the negative consequences of the emergent internet as a mode of interpersonal communication from the Chinese society. According to reports, when there were terrorist attacks in the world and all communication modes were cut off there are many people who will tell you how they managed to get in touch with their loved one’s by using the internet.

At the same time, the unfolding investigation into the terrorist attacks revealed that email was primary code of communication for the network of conspirators allegedly responsible for it. The use of encryption technology made it difficult to decode the messages and so to gather intelligence about the movements and plans of the terrorist suspects making the internet a much more effective means of secretive and sinister communication and the Chinese internet censorship is vital for security. Thus the internet as a mode of interpersonal communication lends itself to both the beneficent and destructive uses and consequences ion one theme that runs through the Chinese internet censorship issue.

Thus, in the manner of the three blind men and the elephant, the users in china are exploring the internet as Chinese internet censorship lays emphasis on the particular part of the internet communication modality that is solely responsible for the effects and the consequences. The censorship aims at focuses not just on the internet’s effect on the quantity of information transmitted but it also includes the information quality or content. It also focuses on how the information will be perceived and interpreted by the recipient.

There is emphasis on the individual’s goals and purposes in using the internet as the internet is just like any other communications medium and the Chinese internet censorship aims at making changes in the Communications media. Thus the censorship has many implication on the Chinese society as a whole from the individual to the psychological, to the interpersonal, to the group and organization and finally to the community and governmental levels.

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