New Economy and Chinese Internet Censorship

As Featured On EzineArticles.comIn spite of the Chinese internet censorship, China has made rapid progress towards economic modernization and globalization has caught many observers by surprise. Some of the latest developments have sparked off a new and bold phase of economic reform and open door policy for China. Today Chinese internet censorship is opening up to radical reform measures that are aimed at preparing China for the international market.

Today China is experiencing spectacular economic performance with its economy growing at a steady rate. The rapid economic growth is usually accompanies by rapid structural changes in the Chinese internet censorship. China’s virtual economy is undergoing restructuring with old, industries giving way to new and more sophisticated market. The same has happened to the Chinese internet as higher value added websites emerged, particularly in the last decade and bare based in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

As large and diverse internet economy, China can embrace and facilitate a dual process of concurrent development and transformation with very little disruption. In other words China on the other hand can bring changes in its economy and also push for faster advancement in some areas and sectors. Accordingly China’s economy in the recent years despite the Chinese internet censorship has started to develop industries or activities which are broadly defined as components of the new economy of China.

Thus in China, the formation of the new economy has been driven by rapid globalization and the rise of Information technology. Thus this increase in the digitalization of information in the Chinese market highlights the need for reforms in the Chinese censorship. This today China is very much caught up in the relentless globalization of the IT revolution. The markets are dynamic in the new Economy and there is a global scope of competition. There are many networks for organizations that are well established on the internet.

China has a huge competitive advantage as it occupies the top position in terms of innovation, quality, time to market and cost. The organizations give immense importance to research and innovation. There are many alliance and collaborations with other international firms, despite the Chinese censorship.

The business government relations are favorable as the government encourages internal growth and development opportunities. But there are marked tools like the Chinese internet censorship and flexibility is the need for the day moreover there have been rapid developments in the IT infrastructure in China in the recent years and the international firms are unable to tap the huge amount of resources available in China due to the Chinese internet censorship.

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