Will Bing Make It in China?

As Featured On EzineArticles.comMicrosoft has recently planned to capture the online Chinese market by creating the Bing Chinese search engine, which they plan to be their next biggest strategy. China is a huge market, having the largest online and mobile markets in the world. The scale is quite massive, obviously because of its huge population. There are over 350 million internet users and 700 million cell phone users in China alone.

Currently, the search engine Baidu is the leader in the search market in China with 63 to 75 percent of query volume. Google comes up only at number two with a measly 31%. Because it is still in its introductory stage, Bing had only 0.3 percent of the search market but researchers found out that there has been growth in the Bing Chinese usage since its launch last June.

Bing is Microsoft’s attempt to dethrone Google from its throne, tying up with Yahoo Inc. to achieve their goals. The search engine industry is still an emerging market—thus, instead of concentrating at market share, Microsoft plans to focus in improving its search quality. Search is quite relative to scale—the more content and users it has, the better it gets. This is the very reason why they partnered with Yahoo. Yahoo already has a large base, giving out more relevant results. The partnership between the two giants will give huge long term benefits to Bing. A classic win-win situation.

Bing’s plans are not market share or monetization. Rather, the company envisions it as a decision making search engine. They want to provide the best consumer experience through the latest technological advances available. Instead of inputting a keyword and giving a mass of all kinds of links, Bing’s strategy is to give the user more relevant results.

Bing also plans partnerships with Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Twitter to improve their services. There have also been talks about getting an exclusive partnership with New Corp. These plans are all in hopes that the alliances will help Bing grow and move forward.

Aside from this, Bing decides to provide accessibility to as much people in China as possible. What use will a great product be if it will only be distributed to a limited market? Distribution and logistics is the key to success.

With the latest news of Google exiting China, Bing hopes to capture the rest of the Chinese market and compete against Baidu in market share.

Despite all this plans, will Bing make it in Chinese market? All we can do is speculate, hope and wait.

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