Increase Page Rank – Common Google Page Rank Myths and Facts Revealed

As Featured On EzineArticles.comHow to increase page rank using Google’s search engine is actually a very elusive term which many bloggers and webmasters don’t yet fully understand. Because Google securely guards its page rank algorithm very tightly, only very few people will ever know the secret behind Google’s search engine secret.

Improving your webpage rank is not an easy task to accomplish, but is fairly doable. However, many increase page rank myths today about Google’s ranking system tends to draw many people to false conclusion and belief. So to differentiate the real facts from the myths, here are some common page ranking suggestions believe today as effective ranking improver.

Suggestion 1: The Higher Google Page Rank you get, the Higher your site will be in Google’s Search List. – (Myth)

This suggestion is a very common myth. While websites that are ranking high in page ranks do tend to enjoy a better rank position, it does not affect Google’s search list sequencing.

Lower ranked websites can still appear higher than websites with higher ranking which is perfectly normal. The technical details behind this are fairly understandable, but would require a very long general explanation.

Suggestion 2: Incoming Links can Help increase page rank – (Fact)

Incoming links can definitely give you a much better ranking position especially if your incoming link comes from a related high quality site. The important key to remember here is get highly authoritative and high generating traffic sites to your blogs as much as possible. The link should also be relevant to your webpage.

Suggestion 3: Google’s Toolbar can help Include your Webpage in their Search Listing – (Myth)

Google’s toolbar was not meant to provide bonus points in page ranking, or even in their search listing. However, this feature did manage to create a little confusion among webpage aspirants.

Suggestion 4: Writing Original Content can help raise your Page Rank – (Fact)

Avoid copying web contents from neighboring sites. Keep your articles and contents original and unique as possible. Google’s algorithm can’t really tell the difference between your content from other sites with similar content. When it does, however, recognize similarities, it sometimes downgrades all the sites sharing similar web contents.

Suggestion 5: The more incoming links you provide, the higher the chance of getting higher rank – (Myth)

This suggestion is 100% myth, and is a common source of false assumption. While it is true that Google does base its Page Rank system on incoming links, number does not necessarily count. Instead, it is based on the relevance, quality, and value of the link and not on amount of links provided.

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