Online Marketing Trends – 7 Top Influential Marketing Trend Websites

As Featured On EzineArticles.comEvery day, billions of keyword searches are made all over the world, reflecting stories of entertainment and celebrities, current affairs and popular news, and the interests of millions of people. Tapping into these enormous online marketing trends not only gives you an advantage in online marketing, it also gives you the privilege to easily draw maps of cultural trends, business, food, and virtually any topics they desire.

Google Search Trends
Google is a very popular website that specializes in search engine and page ranking. This website also offers 20 more different services, which includes Google Maps, G-mail (e-mail accounts), Google Earth and Google Moon.
Google also offers a service called ‘Google Zeitgeist’ that delivers the top 10 lists of the most highly searched keywords in different countries.

AdCenter Search Trends
AdCenter is Microsoft’s applied research group that is intended and dedicated to incubate and search the latest digital advertising technologies. This website was opened in 2006, which roughly combines talents of its engineers and researchers. AdCenter also offers effective services with regards to the changing online marketing trends. They also provide clients with an account and campaign setup where trends and other related information are forwarded.

AdCenter Keyword Forecast
Beta tools are not really expected to operate perfectly, but you might want to raise your expectations a bit higher with Microsoft’s AdCenter Keyword Forecast engine. AdCenter Keyword Forecast is a helpful search engine tool that includes impression count in its searches. It also predicts the demographic distribution of keywords, providing you the advantage to learn what keywords are popularly searched in different areas.

BlogPulse is a newly launched website that specializes in keyword searches, tracking tools, and ranks. It is a website built with intelliseek technology that specializes in various Language processes, internet searches, and unstructured data analysis. This website is a helpful and entertaining search engine tool for people who are interested in tracking certain issues, trends and rumors, often before these issues finally hit mainstream media.

TrendPedia is website that searches trends in blogs and blogospheres. TrendPedia is a very simple search engine site that searches and provides the latest hottest online marketing trends on the web.

Facebook Lexicon
Facebook is popular social networking site that historically started as a social site for college students. Today, the website is now a phenomenal social group that stretches around the world. And with this, Facebook finally released its own search engine tool called Lexicon. Lexicon is a very basic search engine tool that follows the language trend. It is specifically designed to search for word and phrase usage on groups, events, and profiles.

Twitter Twist Trends
If you are feeling a little bit lost with your online business, and your progress seems to be very slow, then you might want to consider Twitter Twist as an alternative option. Twitter, personally does not own an official in-house trend product, but Flaptor did released Twist. Similar to Facebook and Google services, Twist also looks at keyword terms and creates graphs and messages according to their information. Users can also precede directly to their previous twitter messages containing that keyword.

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