Real Internet Income: Is it Real? (Day 1)

Waiting for my flight in Baiyun airport
I was not in the mood and reluctant for this trip to go Kuala Lumpur to attend Ewen Chia’s Real Internet Income. Before first light, I was dragging my feet to the airport.

I was exposed to many internet marketing experts since year 2000 but I was never interested to attend any of their courses. Some how, this guy called Ewen Chia caught my attention. The organiser was also my personal friend and I asked him, between Stephen Pierce and Ewen Chia, if you can only attend one event which one would you choose? The organiser said, Stephen Pierce was the father of internet marketing and Stephen would be the obvious choice.

I was also exposed to Stephen Pierce too and had gone through some of his materials. For the past few months, I had been comparing between the two speakers. Finally I decided to attend Ewen Chia workshop.

Here I was, on my way from Guangzhou to Kuala Lumpur to attend Real Internet Income Workshop. Ewen, please do not disappoint me.

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His Training Materials:

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