Beyond the Great Wall

As Featured On is a Chinese and Japanese search engine founded by Chinese entrepreneurs Robin Li and Eric Xu. According to co-founder Li, Baidu, which literally means hundreds of times, represents the persistent search for the ideal.

This is the concept behind which makes it a popular choice among Chinese Internet users for reliable and valid search engine results. Coupled with Baidu’s strong advocacy of the Chinese government’s Internet regulations, Baidu has stepped up to fill the void left by the death of Google in China on March 30, 2010 when all access to the leading search engine, including its international sites (with the exception of Google Mail and Google Maps), was banned in the mainland.

The domestic search engine Baidu’s strong online presence, as well as its firm grasp on intrinsic Chinese values and culture, has made it a household name and virtual bulwark akin to the Great Wall of China.

With the implementation of the Internet regulations, Chinese homes, schools and offices are turning to Internet search engines that would give them optimum results each and every time. Parents and teachers would trust only a search engine that can filter inappropriate content for children, as students comprise the largest group of Chinese Internet users. Offices would also prefer censored accessible sites to maintain productivity and proper conduct in the workplace. Corporate workers, managers and professional and technical staff combined also make up a majority in the demographics.

The onset of Chinese Internet regulations should prompt Internet marketers to step up their game and ensure more traffic passes through their sites despite the limitations. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective, painless and quickest way to do just that. Moreover, Chinese SEO on would give you an edge. If your site comes out at the top of the hierarchy of results on a search engine that actively censors content and which many Chinese users utilize in school and at work, then you would have marked your site with a large, red X on the Chinese map of the Information Superhighway.

This highway is traversed everyday by roughly 338 million Chinese Internet users. With the largest population in the world of 1.3 billion, the increase of Chinese Internet users in the next years would undoubtedly be viably incremental. Reaching out to an established and growing target market of that size and potential at a relatively lower cost of advertising makes for a lucrative ratio.

Don’t be left on the other side of the wall. Chinese SEO on could be your ladder to the top.



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