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As Featured On EzineArticles.comIf you cannot beat them, join them. Instead of trying to find your way around China’s Great Firewall, why not work with it to your advantage? is a Chinese search engine that voluntarily and actively censors its output to adhere to the regulations set forth by the Chinese government. Established and developed by and for Chinese, Baidu has become the logical choice for search engine services because of its domestic advantages and wide array of offerings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the easiest method to ensure your site is at the top of the pack when related search results are produced. Chinese SEO on Baidu could prove beneficial to Internet Marketers owing to the large number of Chinese Internet users, which has risen to 338 million in 2009.

An in depth survey of Chinese Internet demographics also shows that the Internet has become a vital source of information and interaction as well as a means of communication and convenience for the users. 84.3% say the Internet for them is a major information channel. 81.6% say the Internet saves them a lot of time. The value of the Internet in today’s digital age is undeniable. The power of information and of convenience has turned the Internet into ally rather than a foe.

By doing Chinese SEO on Baidu, you would be advertising your products for a relatively low cost because of the large target audience you can reach. China has a sprawling population of 1.3 billion, the largest in the world. More than 25% of that population is already wired and the number of Internet users is steadily growing despite the censorship implemented by the Chinese government. A sprawling nationwide market with a size at the fraction of more conventional advertising costs is a marketer’s dream. Moreover, word of mouth about your site from returning users is always welcome. And 76% of Chinese Internet users say they will forward something good when they see it.

SEO is also a natural way to lead users to your site unlike other paid Internet marketing alternatives. Though the clever use of keywords to rise above the ranks to the top can be employed by other dummy sites, leading search engines such as Baidu remove from their indices or records these sites that aggressively use SEO to the point of nonsense and miscorrelation. This will ensure the results are always valid and that your site does not get lost under the rubbish.

Chinese SEO on Baidu will put your site on the map accessed by millions of Chinese users everyday. To target and tap into a market that is already established and growing could open the doors to your site. And, as everyone knows, the Internet is open 24/7.


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