The Best of Twitter Marketing from Kodak

In today’s camera and photography market, competition is very tight, especially now that SLR and DSLR cameras are popular. Kodak is a well-know and trusted camera company both in the United States and across the globe. But when it comes to professional cameras, people tend to prefer brands like Nikon and Canon over Kodak. This is currently Kodak’s biggest problem.

The professional camera’s segment of the camera and photography market is very promising. SLR and DLSR cameras are a luxury, but a lot of people are investing in them. Also, once you commit to a brand of professional camera, you stick to it as you get upgrades for you unit. This generates quite an income for the company. Kodak is lagging behind in this segment and they desperately need to get into it.

The reason for Kodak’s problem isn’t because they aren’t as good as their competition. Their actual problem is that people don’t see their outputs. In truth, Kodak produces great photos and can easily match what a Canon or Nikon camera can produce. But since not a lot of people know about it, consumers tend to assume that they are not that good.

What Kodak needs to do is to show people the quality of their work. And there is no better way to do this than by employing the tips of social media trends and showing off in social media platforms. Kodak has employed Twitter marketing and other social media marketing techniques to show people in the Internet how good their products are.

Kodak’s Chief Blogger, Jenny Cisney, has a very active Twitter page that updates followers with developments in Kodak’s camera technology. In order to show people the quality of their products, Jenny posts links to Flickr Photostreams with pictures taken with Kodak cameras. Following social media trends, Kodak has joined in on the Twitter marketing bandwagon to promote their products.

Their work speaks for themselves; all they needed to do was have people see them. This is definitely one of the best Twitter usages of a company. They promote themselves, not only with Twitter, but also with other related social media platforms.

Twitter marketing has done wonders for Kodak. Their strategy has resulted in one of the best Twitter success stories. With the help of their Twitter updates that link followers to Kodak’s photo stream site, Kodak sales have improved immensely.

Because of this, the Twitter community considers them every time they make a camera purchase. Following social media trends have done Kodak very well.

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