The Best of Twitter Marketing from JetBlue

Some companies just have the worst reputation. They say that when it comes to air travel in the United States, the company that is synonymous to bad is JetBlue. It’s no secret that JetBlue has poor service when it comes to air travel. Their flights often get delayed, and at times, they don’t even give away snacks for the flight. One shouldn’t expect much from paying very little for air fare.

This bad reputation is JetBlue’s main problem right now. The worst part is that ground personnel for JetBlue aren’t much help either. When flights get delayed or cancelled, the ground personnel are supposed to assist travelers in finding alternate flights to their destinations. But unfortunately this isn’t the case most of the time. So it is understood that JetBlue has bad service in the airport.

One way they could make it better for their customers is if they provided good service outside. JetBlue has joined in on the Twitter marketing bandwagon. Twitter is a great place for companies to promote themselves, or in JetBlue’s case, to assess their reputation as a service provider. Social media trends today show that Twitter is one of the top places where customers express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction about a service. For JetBlue, Twitter marketing is all about knowing their weak points and doing their best to improve on them. So following social media trends, they encouraged patrons to give them feedback on their service.

JetBlue’s Twitter marketing techniques was executed well. In order to improve your businesses, you have to know what your weaknesses are. And this is exactly what happened. JetBlue’s best Twitter responses were actually complaints from customers, at times even real time posting.

This example is one JetBlue’s best Twitter experiences: A couple of travelers actually posted complaints in JetBlue’s twitter page after they got stranded due to a delayed flight. They were very impressed as JetBlue’s Twitter page helped them more than the ground personnel on the airport. Moreover, the Twitter reps were able to joke around with them, poking fun at their own company.

Because of this, people are seeing JetBlue in a new light. This is slowly creating a better image for them and has given people hope that JetBlue services can improve, given proper feedback. Based on social media trends, JetBlue was able to somewhat alter their image. They were able to impress that with good constructive criticism, they could improve their service. This is one of the best Twitter results for a business like JetBlue.

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