The Best of Twitter Marketing from The Coffee Groundz

Coffee shops are just so common in the country today. In every corner, there is either a Coffee Bean or a Starbucks. The coffee shop market is so hard to infiltrate. If you don’t know how to market yourself well, you would definitely say that this is a niche market only for the big boys. But if you know how to play the game, you can definitely beat the odds.

A great way to market a business these days is through social media. If you study social media trends, you will see that online marketing with social networks is definitely worthwhile. The Coffee Groundz is a local Houston coffee shop that is currently breaking the mold. Thanks to Twitter marketing, it is now one of the most beloved coffee places in the area.

When you are running against titans, it’s hard to convince people to come to you. So if the people can’t come to you, then you come to the people. Twitter marketing has done this for The Coffee Groundz. Twitter is a great place to promote an SMB just by joining and posting updates. This way, you can also interact with the customers by Twittering, making the bond between the shop and its patrons more personal.

In order to do well in Twitter marketing, one must study the social media trends well. Moreover, you have to do things in Twitter that is unique. These things will set you apart from the big time coffee franchisees that are your competition.

The Coffee Groundz is very unique thanks to Twitter. Because of this platform, the owners and the customers have better communication. And when you feel that the bond is more personal between you and the coffee shop, the more you would go it. After all, that is what you look for in a coffee shop− the feeling comfort and hominess.

The coffee shop is so connected to its customers that regular customer can actually order in advanced via Twitter. Management also listens to the suggestions of the customers. Thanks to the communication Twitter establishes between the customers and The Coffee Groundz staff and management, the coffee shop became a home away from home for its customers.

This makes the shop more appealing to people as compared to other coffee shops. People like the idea that they can personalize a place to their tastes. Also, since the shop is very popular in the Twitter community, tweet-ups (Twitter meet-ups) in the Houston area are now commonly held in The Coffee Grounds.

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