The Best of Twitter Marketing from SitePoint

Information technology is a very big and broad market. One of the densest departments of information technology is web development. The great thing about web development is that it is easy to get into. You don’t have to be a graduate of computer science to be good at it.

A great way you could learn web development is through self teaching, with the help of a good web development book. SitePoint is an ace when it comes to web developer books. But SitePoint has a lot of competition when it comes to IT publication. Since the market is so big and profitable, a lot of other companies have come into play.

There’s no better way to reach out to target customers than to visit them in their own turf. Where else can you find web developers than online? It’s only obvious that they’re there; after all, the Internet is their main working environment. The Internet is definitely the best place to market an IT business and this is exactly what SitePoint did.

SitePoint studied social media trends and employed the use of Twitter marketing. Twitter marketing has enabled them to broadcast their new products to everyone online, and even offering great deals for loyal Twit followers. This won’t only make a business more visible to web developers, but also to the whole online community.

Current social media trends indicate that Twitter is a very effective way of promoting a business. SitePoint is one company that’s successfully translated Twitting into profit. When it comes to Twitter marketing, the key to success is a big following.

SitePoint successfully established a big following by offering loyal followers a free PDF eBook to everyone consistently following them on a 14-day period. This technique made their following balloon almost instantly. People like it when you reward them for what they do for your. In Twitter marketing, companies reward followers by listening loyally to their mini-broadcasts.

SitePoint has proven that social media trends are something worth considering when it comes to marketing your business. Because SitePoint has quite a following in Twitter, their website traffic increased. This was the result of the follower’s newfound interest in the company, thanks to their various free Twitter giveaways. Twitter is a great place to market your company legitimately.

As long as you keep your followers happy with your updates and rewards, you’ll have yourself a group of people who actually listen to everything you have to say. This will eventually translate into profit, which is never bad for business.

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