The Best of Twitter Marketing from Dell

The computer industry is one of the most competitive industries today. There are a lot of big and small names that are making waves in the market, making it important for each and every computer company to step up. One of the oldest companies in the computing industry is Dell Computers.

The company was founded 1984 by Michael Dell in Austin, Texas. It grew to be one of the most popular computer companies in the United States and the world. But these days, a lot of its competition is stepping up. One good example is Apple computers. After the revitalization of the brand in the early 2000s, Apple has become one of the most modern computer companies, overtaking Dell in mass popularity.

Dell remains to have a lot of followers, but Apple seems to be reaching out better to the common masses. Dell is the preferred computer of those who know more about computers. But currently, Apple is the brand most equated with being “cool”. This is because Apple modernized itself to become appealing to the common consumer and not just to computer aficionados.

This is exactly what Dell needs to do. They need to put themselves out there some more and make their products more visible and available to the popular masses. And what better way to reach out to the common consumer than to keep in touch with them through social media?

Dell has already taken the liberty of reaching out to the world via social media. One of the most effective techniques they have employed Twitter marketing. Following social media trends today, Dell has opened its own Twitter page (@DellOutlet). Twitter marketing is one of the most effective ways you can use social media for business.

Dell was successfully able to infiltrate the Twitter community by updating their page with the newest inventory additions, giving their followers special offers and a whole lot more to boot. Because followers get frequent updates on Dell’s products and services, they get a bigger share of the popular market.

So far, Dell has been more than successful in their Twitter marketing venture. This was manifested in Dell’s sales increase of $6.5 million via Twitter. This was the consolidated income from all their Twitter outlet accounts across the world. The popular community has responded to the Dell’s efforts very well.

One of the main things that attracted followers to their account is their special offers. These special offers change almost day-to-day. This factor has made their Twitter page worthwhile for daily visits.

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