Challenging Web Based Applications in the Chinese Internet Market

As Featured On EzineArticles.comThe Chinese internet users find the web applications challenging, interesting and inspiring. The web based applications have become a part and parcel of a regular day in the life of an average Chinese internet user. They make use of the various internet applications for different purposes like acquiring useful information on the internet. One can also share information with the use of various web based applications that make it easy to share photographs, documents and much more.

According to the statistics of various internet applications, they include the Chinese ranking for information acquisition, communication, internet entertainment and business transaction. This again contains Chinese ranking for more specific applications like internet news, search engine, instant messaging, online game, online music, online shopping, online payment and online banking.

According to the results, it has been concluded that the Chinese ranking for internet entertainment, specifically online music was very high reaching the 85.5% mark. Next in line of Chinese ranking, is information acquisition for internet news that has been found to be 78.7%. Instant messaging occupies the fourth position in Chinese ranking for internet applications in the communications category. 72.2% of internet users have been found to communicate through instant messaging.

According to statistical data, 69.4% of Chinese in internet users made use of search engines for information acquisition regarding products and service that they would like to purchase from the internet. Internet entertainment seems to rule the roost when it comes to the popularity of internet applications with the Chinese internet users, as online Video and gaming occupy the fifth and sixth Chinese ranking. Communications internal applications like email, blog or Forum/BBS come next and all three are above 50%.

However, the level of application of business transactions like online shopping, online payment, and online stock and travel reservations by, making online payments remains very low. In fact, the number of users in china who are shopping online has been found to be 26% only. This is very low as compared to the other developed countries. It is very important for China to enhance security on the internet and boost online shopping in order to stabilize the Chinese internet economy.

Very few Chinese have internet trust as only 22.4% make use of the internet to make their payments. The last but not the least, only 4.1% of internet users like to make their travel arrangements by using the internet. This decline in transaction application usage can be attributed to the lack of internet trust in the Chinese internet users.

Today, the Chinese seem to be varying of giving out their personal information on the internet as they think that the security is inadequate and there is a possibility of fraud and viruses on the internet applications.



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