Technocratic Policies of CNNIC For .CN Domain

As Featured On EzineArticles.comAccording to the latest news, the China Internet Network Information Center has suspended the processing of any new applications for .CN domain name registration, coming from the overseas. Webnic, a company located in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia attested that when it tried to apply for a .CN domain name registration with CNNIC in the first week of January, it was rejected under the notice that CNNIC was not accepting any overseas application for .CN domains.

The news came as a bolt for various overseas domains that already exist in the Chinese ranking of websites. But fortunately for those, who already have a well established domain name in China, remain unaffected by the new regulation. The new policy affects the foreign as well as the domestic firms interested in web hosting and attaining a high level of Chinese ranking and acceptance in China.

But seems like China’s policy makers and leaders, are well aware of the threat posed by an infringement of security invoked by the necessity of relying on foreign, mainly American technology and other technologically advanced states. Therefore, the policy makers seem to be dwindling in their rules and regulations regarding domestic and international rules to govern domain name registration in China. While addressing the issue, it seems that Chinese ranking policy makers tend to reflect the political leaders and traditions from which they emerge.

According to a latest report, the internet regulators have lifted the ban on individuals from registering domain names ending with .CN. This has been confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology which states that individuals are considered as eligible for web hosting, but the applicants would have to provide detailed information that would be verified for authenticity.

According to the guidelines, as stated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the term website operators refer to the individuals and enterprises that apply for the .CN domain registration. Analysts observe that the regulators seem to be very inconsistent in setting rules according to Chinese ranking as the open welcome for the individual operators for domain registration is in high contrast to the ban on non-business entities that was set just three months ago.

This lack of digital governance on behalf of the China Internet Network Information Center has lead to the prevalence of various pornographic websites on the internet. The regulations were very inconsistent with the economy of china, as a large number of Chinese ranking websites that were owned by individuals migrated to the other countries while other resorted registration services.

But, according to latest reports, the CNNIC has stated that it would check the authenticity of the individual applications and register domain by the end of September 2010.


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